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Unusual Activities


There is one unusual activity that will leave you with a memorable memory, it is this: flying over the Bay in a microlight.

A Professional in the bay of Mont-Saint-Michel with more than 30 years of experience, Didier Hulin offers various services such as the first flight in a majestic setting or personalized training.




Are you tired of "normal" zoos? Then you will surely be interested in Alligator Bay in Beauvoir, a wildlife park of a very particular kind ... which is home to the largest group of alligators in Europe!


In the greenhouse of alligators, the labyrinth of dragons or the turtle farm, you can discover hundreds of fascinating animals: iguanas, snakes, alligators, crocodiles and lizards ... You can even pet tortoises from Africa! You can also watch the feeding of the animals according to the days and the hours. In this well-landscaped park, you can learn more about these often unknown and endangered species.


A ride in a maringote, you're tempted? This horse drawn carriage drawn by draft horses is an original means of transport that allows you to reach the site of Mont Saint-Michel, rocked by the gentle rhythm of the hooves, and discover otherwise the fauna and flora of the bay.


From Dinan or Beauvoir, you can embark on scenic and enchanting flights by helicopter: discover the bay and Mont Saint-Michel from above!


Visits off the beaten track


The white marsh is a regional natural park, consisting of a marsh landscape flooded during the winter rains when the water seemed to reach the sky, it is the season of the "laundered" which gave its name to the marsh. On a trail of 2 to 5 km, discover this beautiful natural area ... It is ideal to observe the life of the many birds that nest in the year.


The Lessay Moor occupies areas that were formerly covered with oak or birch forests. Deforestation undertaken in the 11th century and farm-related activities transformed the landscape, and the land was covered with specific vegetation based mainly on heather and gorse.


This vast expanse of low-relief land is the setting for many of Jules Barbey's novels from Aurevilly, a Norman desert that "displayed a grandeur of solitude and desolate sadness that was not easy to forget ...". And their bitter and desolate aspect is still reinforced by the strong wind; but humid depressions, heather, gorse and maritime pines sheltered a great biological diversity.


It is said that the Devil's Stone (the other name of the menhir of Vaumoisson) would have been forgotten by this one as he brought it from Chausey to Pont-au-Bault. According to legend, on the way he saw a priest with his stolen goods, and, in panic, he dropped the stone, on which we can still see the trace of the five claws of the demon. To ward off bad luck, a cross was erected near this place, since transferred to the Bouillon cemetery. The stone, it is still in place, and for good reason: this huge block of gray granite is about 3 meters high.


The Vauban cabins are a network of several guardhouses along the coast, named after Sébastien Le Preste de Vauban, Louis XIV's military architect in charge of fortifying the French coast. They made it possible to watch the sea and watch for enemy ships, then some became customs guard posts to watch smugglers, and other telegraph carriers. You can discover 3 on the "path of the 3 cabins" on the GR 223 or customs trail (those of Carolles, Champeaux and Saint-Jean-le-Thomas), a beautiful hike of 4-5 hours on "the most beautiful kilometers 'France offers.


The Roque Bridge was built by the Romans in 58 BC. This ten-pillar bridge was an important crossing point and withstood the tides, weather and various degradations for nearly two millennia.


Unfortunately, it was bombed during the Second World War and was never rebuilt. Today, the bridge is poorly maintained and suffers from the wear of time; but it remains a place of important memory and an attraction for the tourists.


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Source : Official site of the Bay of Mont Saint-Michel

Cabane Vauban : Site of the city of Carolles

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