• Bruyères du Mont

    Bruyères du Mont


40 minutes from your guest house, the third town of Ille et Vilaine, formerly capital of the shoe made famous by its castle and the artists who stayed there welcomes you for an unforgettable visit.

If Fougères had told me...

“I am at this hour in the land of ferns, in a city that should be piously visited by painters, in a city that has an old castle flanked by the most beautiful old towers in the world, with watermills, lively streams, rocks, gardens full of roses, gabled streets that rise steeply, high and low churches, old wooden buffets shining in the shops, all kinds of old architecture gnawed with ivy. I saw it all in the sun, I saw it at dusk, I saw it again in the moonlight, and I can’t get enough of it. It’s admirable.”

Victor HUGO

Excerpt from the book: Balade en Bretagne Nord, sur les pas des écrivains (c) Alexandrines, March 2011

Fougères, a window on history

If the public garden offers a wonderful view of the castle, you will not fail to admire the tangled dwellings dominated by the spires of the Saint-Sulpice church. Continuing your way, the medieval quarter proud of its half-timbered houses and small flowered gardens will take you back to the time of craftsmen and knights. On the road to the castle you will enjoy to sit in the gardens of the rampart and marvel at the remains of the wall that protected the city once.

Crédit photo : Daniel Jolivet et Office de tourisme de Fougères

the castle of Fougères

Great and strong defender of Brittany, the castle of Fougères poses proudly on its rocky spur for more than 1000 years. Discover the tumultuous history of this valiant stone soldier during a guided tour or by following the scenographic route.

In Fougères, I also visit ...

The workshop-museum of watchmaking or the enthusiasts Alain and Hélène Le Floch make you discover the history of the noble profession within the world of watches and clocks…
The Emmanuel de la Villéon Museum, impressionist painter, born in Fougères in 1858.
The church of Saint-Léonard, where you will admire the oldest stained glass window preserved in Brittany. Dating from 1140, it represents Saint-Benoît. The church offers an exceptional panorama of the city and its surroundings.
During your stay, you will take a little sweetness in Les jardins du Nançon before admiring the facades of the hotel de la Belinaye and the theater Victor Hugo.



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